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Cooling Down Historically

Since the beginning of mankind, humans have been devising ways to cool themselves. It would be a fair statement to say that it was much warmer before air con was developed. The best that the general public could do was to sweat and use a fan. In fact, countries like China has a history with hand fans that dates back over 3,000 years.

Only the very wealthy had the extreme luxury of the first air conditioning systems. They were so inefficient and expensive that they were cost prohibitive to almost everyone. America’s President Garfield had such a primitive air conditioning system. As he was ailing, his staff drenched sheets in ice buckets and hung them in breezy windows to cool him. In two months he went through 500,000 pounds of ice.

Air Conditioning and Electricity

In 1902 a 25-year-old engineer named Willis Carrier invented what we call the first air conditioning system in Buffalo, NY. It was not for human comfort. It was intended to solve a humidity problem at a print shop. The machine cooled by blowing air through coils that were cooled by water.

In 1922 Carrier added a compressor to his invention and it became the centrifugal chiller. With a compressor, the unit became smaller. Eventually, it was debuted on a warm weekend in Times Square at a movie theatre, making what is forever known as the summer blockbuster.

Soon after, air conditioning swept through offices and department stores. Even as that was happening it was slow to catch on as a residential option until an invention in 1945, the portable window air conditioner was invented. Even then, it was almost the 1960s until it started becoming popular.

The UK isn’t Ready For a Heat Wave

The BBC, in an article, points to several ways in which the UK is ill-prepared for a heatwave. Several of these can be attributed to lack of or remedied by the installation of air conditioning.

The most obvious problem is that there is no air conditioning. Just 0.5% of UK homes had air con according to a Mintel report. Air con is more prevalent in the workplace in the UK.

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According to a study by the Helsinki University of Technology, the optimal workplace productivity temperature is between 21 and 22 degrees Celsius. There is a productivity decrease   of 2% per each degree Celsius increase of temperature from 25-32 degrees Celsius for office work. Perhaps that’s why offices have adopted the air con practice.

The BBC article cites the design of modern flats as one of the reasons the UK is not prepared for a heatwave. The newer flats with one bedroom are around 46 square meters and extra insulated under the Green Deal. This would trap warm air inside the home. That’s great on a cold and blustery day, but not so great on a hot, humid day. One problem is that new houses are not set up for cross breezes, leaving one room orientation. This problem can be solved with quality installed air conditioning.

Another concern is that there are no cooling centres to cope with a heatwave. Furthermore, the elderly are often alone and socially isolated. To compound that, frequently their families are abroad on holiday. The elderly are more prone to the effects of the heat than regular adults. BBC cites a report that during the heatwave of 2003, more than 14,800 people died in France and most of them were elderly. With residential air conditioning installation, the elderly can be comfortable and safe in their homes in the summer.

One more problem is the lack of a siesta. The regular British working day is a 9-5 job meaning there is a hot, sticky commute. Lacking air con on the commute is just one more issue.

Air Conditioning in Winchester

Here at Air-Control we’re trusted and offer reliable air conditioning services in Winchester. We are located in Portsmouth and Southampton and servicing Winchester and all other areas of  Hampshire. Air Control can service residential and commercial customers with air con manufacturing brands such as Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, and more. We will design, install, repair, and provide maintenance services for air conditioning.

Since 2001, we are working to become one of the south’s leading air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation specialists. Give us a call. Providing air conditioning in Winchester, Whiteley, Hedge End, Eastleigh, and more.


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