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How Can Your Office Benefit From Air Conditioning?
Office air con is an ever more vital factor in the workplace for a variety of reasons ranging from boosting productivity to increasing staff health. If you want to raise your staff’s morale and keep them working hard at their desks then boost your office ambience with an air conditioning system, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. So what are some of the benefits you can expect to see if you invest in air conditioning?

air con office benefitsReduction In Staff Absences
Studies have shown that individuals who work in offices with well mantained and serviced air conditioning units take fewer days off sick than those that don’t, especially during the summer months. There are many theories regarding why this is, one is that the presence of air con in an office raises the comfort of the environment so people feel better at work when they are under the weather, another is that air conditioning improves the overall health of the staff. Clean air conditioners help cease the spread of germs and bacteria and help to aid respiratory problems such as asthma, cardiovascular issues and health problems that can be made worse in exposure to heat. Click here to read our previous blogg – How fresh is the air we breath
Increasing Comfort To Boost Morale
If you create an environment where people are happy to come to work their morale and performance increases. When people are uncomfortably hot or cold they have less energy to dedicate to work, this is because their bodies are working overtime to regulate their temperature leaving them feeling sluggish; office air con units dehumidify the air and create an overall feeling of comfort so people are better equipped to buckle down.
An Increased Need for Energy Efficient Heat Pump Air Con Systems In The 21st Century

Both at home and at work we are reliant on technology nowadays, our offices are filled with computers, photocopiers and a host of other machines which create heat. If our environments are getting hotter it stands to reason that we counter the effects and investing in energy efficient air conditioning is a simple solution.

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