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Air conditioning helps you lose weight

Want an easy way to lose weight?  Put on your air conditioning before bed:  Being cold helps to burn fat without trying says doctor and research scientist at Oxford University.

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  • Advice is centred on ‘bad’ white fat and ‘good’ fat-burning brown fat
  • Being cold can make the body convert some white fat into brown
  • It means the body burns calories while generating heat at the same time

An Oxford University professor has come up with a cool way to lose weight.  He says that something as simple as throwing open the bedroom windows or putting on your air conditioning before going to sleep could help fat melt away.  The advice is centered on the fact we have two types of body fat. The troublesome white variety soaks up extra calories and stores them in bellies, love handles and thighs.  But adults also have a small amount of brown ‘healthy fat’. This specialises in burning off calories and generates heat as it does so.  And we are now learning that when you are cold you brown your fat, to keep warm.  ‘So rather than take all these [weight loss] drugs or having to eat less Cheerios or whatever, the ideal solution when you go to bed tonight is just turn on your air conditioning and keep cool’.

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