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Air Conditioning Southampton: How fresh is the air we breathe?


Bacteria in Air Conditioning

Are harmful bacteria, viruses and fungus hiding in your air conditioning systems?  The answer is YES but the risks can be minimised by contracting Air Controls ‘SafeTime’ planned preventative maintenance regime.

Natural airborne bacteria from soil, vegetation, sewers, animal waste, drains and sludge picked up by the wind are naturally found within the air we breathe. This air will infiltrate inside any building and the air conditioning system.

In conjunction with natural airbourne contaminations human activities within the building such as breathing, coughing and sneezing will find their way into the air conditioning system. Here they remain colonising within dirty filters and warm moisture-laden damp condensation drains!

Legionella is probably the most common group of bacteria mentioned in association with air conditioning systems and although very rare dirty air conditioning systems can be a source of an outbreak.

Viruses are airborne organisms that significantly contribute to occupational absenteeism.  Examples of important viruses include the common cold and the flu. The spread of these illnesses can be aided by inadequate ventilation caused by dirty filters and sludge blocked cooling/heating coils. Viruses cannot multiply outside the human host, but can survive and remain infective for extended periods in the warm recirculating airspace of the modern air-conditioned building.

Air Controls ‘Safe Time’ service contracts ensure that your air conditioning systems are kept clean, fresh and efficient all year round. We disinfect and deodorise every coil and filter with specialist environmentally friendly coil cleaners that wash and keep condensate drains free of mould and sludge.

Air Control have decades of experience in the assessment and evaluation of air conditioning and ventilation systems and indoor air quality problems.

Please contact us now to arrange a quick FREE survey to assess whether your air conditioning systems are maintained and serviced properly and help us create a fresh clean healthy indoor environment for your staff and customers.

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