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Are you happy with your office’s air conditioning?

A recent study by the One Poll survey group has discovered that more than three-quarters of all office staff are unhappy with the temperature in their workplace. The survey also discovered that some of the workers, around 35%, also have to take some time out of the office in order to avoid uncomfortable temperatures. While many companies know that the correct temperature setting in an office can be contentious, this new result suggests that current air conditioning settlements are resulting in unhappiness for everyone involved.

In a survey of over 2,000 office staff, from interns to those close to retirement, a tiny 24% thought that they worked in an office with ideal temperatures and heating through both summer and winter. Others either struggled to work in overheated atmospheres, or were forced to wear coats in order to avoid freezing temperatures. Employers will already know that temperature and office climates have an effect on the production rate of staff, but they may not realise how much this is influencing their staff, to the point where working is becoming more difficult.

In fact, around 30% of office staff said that they were often forced to stop work, sometimes for as much as half an hour, while they attempted to recover from poor temperatures. On top of this, another 6% said that they would have to spend more than 30 minutes each day failing to work effectively, due to poor climate control in their office. This is only the times that office workers were willing to admit to, and so the scale of the problem may be taking up to 18 hours off of the working day for an office team of 100 people. While employers may be worrying about sick days, or lack of productivity due to other elements, they may be losing an equivalent of 2 workers each day from staff that is present.

Poor office climate is a serious concern to any employer of staff, and now that statistics are showing how unstable air conditioning temperatures, or those which are unsuitable for the majority of workers, are eating into profits and preventing the company from being efficient and productive. In addition, these poor working conditions can have a negative effect on employee health, and the ability of the company to keep valuable employees.

The survey has made it clear that current working standards are not suiting employees, and this could be driving down profits, efficiency and staff retention. Rather than sticking with health and safety guidelines, employers should instead look at heating their offices naturally, using HVAC units, for example, or a better standard of AC machine, in order to provide an ambient temperature that can help employees to work more effectively. As more companies move towards creating pleasant and attractive offices and workplaces, so the importance of ambient temperature is increasing. Obtaining a good heating and air-conditioning unit is essential for this, and will ensure that staff no longer have to battle against poor temperatures while working.

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