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Is your Air Conditioning making your staff feel ill?

Is your Air Conditioning making staff and customers ill? YES it is.

It’s important to carry out a comprehensive regular maintenance schedule on all your air conditioning and ventilation systems but even if this is carried out heat pump air conditioning systems still spread air borne bacteria and viruses. So ask yourself, when was the last time you had your air conditioning unit inspected? And ask yourself, is your air conditioning making your staff ill?

Split Air Conditioning systems are possibly the largest single contributor to “The Office Cold” and are without doubt the main reason it spreads so quickly.


Air conditioning systems continually recycle the air from inside the room through a filter prior to heating or cooling, the filter reduces a small proportion of risk but the majority of airborne bacteria pathogens continue into the air distribution system where they often travel many meters in the air flow easily spreading the office cold. This still happens even if the air conditioning system is serviced properly and regularly.

This is why Air Control are pleased to announce that we are now working in partnership with Air Con Safe an Anti-Microbial treatment for Air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.

Affordable and long-term solution for preventing illnesses

AirCon Safe is an affordable, long term Anti-Microbial solution – the first of its kind for the Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning industry. The easily applied treatment forms a persistently Anti-Microbial barrier on the filter of an Air Conditioning or HVAC system. Millions of positively charged spikes at microscopic level are formed by the treatment on the filter, as the bacteria and pathogens found in coughs, colds and viruses come into contact with the filter the spikes pierce the cell wall and deliver a positive charge directly to the inner cell causing the bacteria and pathogens to explode.

AirCon Safe actively helps reduce Air Conditioning Related Illness in the workplace and is proven in laboratory conditions to aid protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses including the common cold, Noro-virus, E.coli, Salmonella, Staph, Streptococcus, Legionella Pneumophila, MRSA.

This summer Air Control will be offering a FREE treatment of AirConSafe for all air con units with any new 3 year planned preventative maintenance contract. In addition to this we will treat any heat pump air conditioning system we install.

Air Controls ‘Safe Time’ service contracts ensure that your air conditioning systems are kept clean, fresh and efficient all year round. We disinfect and deodorise every coil and filter with specialist environmentally friendly coil cleaners that wash and keep condensate drains free of mould and sludge.

Air Control have decades of experience in Hampshire including Southampton and Portsmouth in the assessment and evaluation of air conditioning and ventilation systems and indoor air quality problems.


Please contact us now to arrange a quick FREE survey to assess whether your air conditioning systems are maintained and serviced properly and help us create a fresh clean healthy indoor environment for your staff and customers.

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