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Top 10 Reasons for Preventive Maintenance


Here’s our definitive list of top 10 reasons for preventive maintenance measures to keeping your air conditioning system running smoothly year in year out.

1. Saves you money

Planned maintenance (PM) will definitely save you a lot of money. Although it may seem expensive in the short run, PM will save you huge amounts of money in the long run. This is because regular maintenance identifies problems at their early stages before they become major problems. Replacement of any wearing parts lengthens your system’s life as well as allowing your system to run without any trouble.

2. System efficiency improvements

Any machine needs regular checks. A PM engineer plays an important role in checking all your mechanical components, belts, electrical parts and lubricants for any signs of wear and deterioration. Also, mechanical, load and electrical testing are done to ensure the whole system is running efficiently and optimally.

3. Safety

It’s no doubt that any poorly maintained system mostly develops a fault. For a highly powered electrical system, there are high risks of leaking, fumes, overheating, or even a fire outbreak. For your building, family and other people to remain safe and you abide by the law, regular PM plans are always necessary.

4. Health

Poorly maintained system have chances of causing health problems like skin allergies, asthma and other ill-health issues. This issues can cause your company a lot of money every year. Clean ducts, clean filters and an optimal running system ensure that air that circulating is clean. This improves the health of the occupants of such buildings since the environment is clean.

5. Legal requirements

In January 2015 a new legislation on refrigerants was enforced. The law stated that there should be a replacement for the refrigerant R22. Although it’s possible for you to continue operating on R22, in case you need to change any component in your refrigeration system or there is a leakage, it’s impossible for us to charge with R22. Therefore, the best choice is to replace the system or charge it with a drop-in refrigerant replacement.

Also, in 2012 the government gave a new directive (Government Directive) that was known as Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations for England and wale. This Directive stated that all air conditioning systems may have or must have an effective output of 12kw and beyond, must be routinely inspected by any TM44 energy assessor and the inspection should not be more than 5 years apart.

6. Warranty cover

Today, most of the new equipment come with an extended or standard warranty. Nonetheless, several of these warranties are only valid after regular maintenance is carried out. Besides, most parts are covered under warranty. Hence, in case you have not maintained your system, and you experience a breakdown, you will be inconvenienced because you will be staring at a hefty bill.

7. Integrated systems

Many systems are being integrated into bigger building equipment and services nowadays. The greater risk is that this system breakdown will most probably affect the system services as well. A simple breakdown may lead to a major disruption of business operation. This makes PM a very important plan that you need to consider.

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8. Records

It’s always important that all system repairs, maintenance, parts and services be kept on record and up to date. All the works that are done on your refrigeration circuit should and must always be recorded in the F-Gas log-books. Also, you might find your insurance policy affected in case you don’t have all the records of your ongoing maintenance. This will probably invalidate your future claims.

9. Breakdowns and emergencies

It’s worth noting that call-outs are usually always expensive if you do not have maintenance cover and your system is poorly maintained thus leading to a system breakdown. We prioritise our maintenance customers for any breakdown, and in case we previously did not install your equipment, we can transfer that equipment direct to us. This will keep you and the equipment covered.

10. Value for money

Our qualified PM team will find out all about your system, and they will offer you reduced rates and discounts for any long-term PM plans. Besides, if you will need to extend or upgrade your system, our team will be ready to offer you a cost effective and efficient PM plan. Therefore, you will be more comfortable because you know that your system is running optimally and safely.

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