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A look at today’s VAT rate for domestic air conditioning


Air-conditioning is an important factor of everyday life that we often overlook. In Britain especially, we don’t always realise the full effect of air conditioning until its too late. Be it hot or cold weather, creating an environment that is not only suitable but also enjoyable can make life and work much more comfortable. Here are some of the questions that can be clarified about your next choice of air conditioning installation or upgrade.


The difference between air conditioning for businesses and domestic installations

The size of a room or building will determine the size of the unit and the necessary capacity to effectively circulate and heat or cool the air for the specified area. The larger the floor space, the bigger the size of the unit. Installation costs will also be slightly higher. Air Control offers reliable and affordable options for your specific needs, whatever the size. Constant developments in air conditioning technology ensure cost-effective products that have customer satisfaction as a top priority

The effects on the environment

More than a quarter of energy emissions are from private residences. Combining this with growing concerns over global warming, environmentally friendly and cost-effective systems are becoming the only clear solution. Governments, especially in Europe, have started placing more and more pressure on companies to implement green energy resolutions with regard to aspects of energy use such as air conditioning. This is where Air Control’s innovative heat-pump system comes in. This improved system takes care of all your air conditioning needs while maintaining a high level of performance and environmentally friendly standards. The UK Governments Climate Change Programmed and the Kyoto Protocol have called for a drastic change in energy consumption, to which Air Control is adhering as best as current technological developments allow.

How does an environmentally friendly system impact on VAT?

Due to its low carbon footprint and decreased gas emissions, Air Control’s heat-pump system has been approved for VAT reduction. Not only that, but it also grants you reduced VAT on repair and maintenance costs. This is because governments are becoming aware of the necessity to reduce dangerous gas emissions. A statement has been made on the subject of Air Control’s heat-pump system: “Reducing the rate of VAT will encourage the increased use of such energy efficient products and will have a positive effect in reducing carbon emissions”. The current VAT on air conditioning systems has been reduced from 20% to 15%, making a major difference to buyers. Not only are buyers saving money on installation costs but also on energy consumption.

Upgrading or installing a new system: what you need to know

Replacing an outdated model of air conditioning is the most effective way of reducing your impact on and making sure you have a clean conscience about the environment. If you are in the market for a new system, investing in a modern and less damaging model is the best way forward. This will help guarantee that you have the best system in place for your home or business. Making the right choice for the environment and for yourself is ultimately the only way forward.

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