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    Air Conditioning products and systems

    Our air conditioning products and systems can change, they are always to the UK specification and ideal for all sorts of uses. Take a look at the various types below, if there’s anything you’re unsure of or would like the difference between then two of certain products we’re happy to help. Just leave us a message on the contact page or give us a call.

    Reverse Cycle Heat Pumps

    Air Conditioning Products & Systems
    99% of all air conditioning products and systems installed by Air-control are now reverse cycle heat pumps. These systems are capable of producing cool and warm air. Therefore not only can these systems be used for cooling in summer they can be used as heaters in the winter. These systems are much more efficient than any conventional electrical heating. In heating mode the system changes to a forced air heating system by reversing its operation internally. All systems are totally automated and can switch between heating and cooling as required. Ideal on a spring or autumn day when it can be cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon. All the systems shown below are reverse cycle heat pumps.


    Air Conditioning products – The Indoor Units

    Wall Mounted Systems

    Generally a lower cost system consisting of an indoor unit mounted on the wall at high level, which will circulate the air in the conditioned room.Some units have infra-red controls (similar to a TV remote), others have fixed wall controllers. Ideal for smaller offices, retail outlets, restaurant/bar and residential applications where there is no ceiling void.

    4-Way Cassettes systems

    These are installed into a suspended ceiling, with the fascia panel on view, which has four air distribution outlets (hence the name 4-way cassette). The bulk of the unit is above the ceiling grid out of site. The fascia panel will blend with most modern ceilings, and supply conditioned air to a large area, without the additional cost of ducting and discharge grilles.Ceiling cassettes also have the facility to deliver a small proportion of the conditioned air via a branch duct, to a small adjacent area, e.g. store room, cash office, consultation room. Ideal for larger offices, retail outlets and restaurant/bar applications.

    Ceiling Suspended systems

    These air conditioning products are fixed directly underneath the ceiling in applications where there is no ceiling void. Ideal for larger offices, retail outlets, restaurants/bars and gymnasiums.

    Floor standing units

    These units are ideal to sit on the floor against the dwarf wall in a conservatory or office where wall and ceiling area is limited.

    Ducted systems

    These units are by far the most aesthetically pleasing as they are installed above the ceiling void or in a loft area. Discharge grilles are fitted in the ceiling to give the best air distribution pattern in the room. The air from the unit is transfer to the discharge grilles via ductwork.This type of installation is more costly, but it can be custom designed to suit special applications. Ideal for offices, restaurants/bars, retail outlets and residential applications.

    The Outdoor units

    All indoor AC units are connected by two small copper pipes to a unit outside, which houses the condenser, fan and compressor (very similar to a compressor in a freezer, but larger). The outdoor units are normally located at the back or side of the building out of site. A vast range of brackets, security cages and mounting feet are available to fit an outside unit practically any where.

    Multi Systems

    For larger areas it is often more cost effective to install one outdoor unit which serves two, three or four indoor units. For example, a cassette unit installed in a long narrow room would not effectively circulate conditioned air to the far corners. In this case a twin of triple Multi System would be more suitable. Multi systems are always less costly to install than several individual systems. Ideal for large open planned offices and retail applications.

    Contact Air-control if you require a brochure about our air conditioning products or any further information on any of the systems shown above.

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