Services for Air Conditioning in Whiteley

When thinking about installing air conditioning in Whiteley, one of the organisation to think about is

Air Control (South) Limited. Air control is a company that is based in-between Portsmouth and Southampton. It specializes in air conditioning services including: designing, installing, repairing and maintenance services. It does its services for both the residential and commercial areas. Established in 2001 the organisation has almost 2 decades experience of providing the best services of air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation. It has grown to be one of the best organisation providing these services in the South. If one is thinking about an air conditioner in
Whiteley and in nearby places, it is one of the best companies to consider due to its experience.

We can design air conditioners that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the customer. From designing, the organisation goes on to install it for the customer. Besides designing and installation the organisation also offers maintenance of the air conditioner in Whiteley and surrounding areas. The exciting part is that their engineers are available 24 hours everyday to solve any problems that an individual or any organisation may face concerning the air conditioner, refrigerator or ventilation.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

The important thing about maintenance service is that it reduces costs in the long run. Ignoring a small problem can leader to a worse problem which will translate to higher costs. For a business it may mean disruption of business as the refrigeration system may not be working properly. If the refrigerator is not performing well then some of the products may go bad, which will lead to a loss to the business.

Very hot conditions when the air conditioner is not working may mean the productivity of employees may decrease. Compromised productivity and products going bad generally leads to higher costs for an organisation. For a family it may mean fresh products going bad in a short period and therefore increasing the costs associated with purchasing replacement products.The bad part is that these things usually takes place when least unexpected and one is broke. Proper maintenance will reduce these unexpected costs. To reduce long costs for both homes and commercial residents, Air Control offers maintenance services.

Air Con in Whiteley Offices


We are located in-between Southampton and Portsmouth meaning that we service the two areas quickly. The organisation serves South Hampshire, in Whiteley and areas around it such as Fareham, Hedge End and West End. Other places that are served are Bitterne and Chandlers Ford. Its convenient location makes it one of the best organisation for air conditioning in Whiteley.

Associated With Good Brands

Air Control is also known for installing air conditioners of popular brands. Some of the air conditioners that have been installed by the company include Daikin, Fujistu and Mistubishi. Clients who want their air conditioners of good reputation to be installed by an organisation that has a good reputation in and around Whiteley then this is one organisation to consider.

Disease Avoidance

Cleaning appliance or maintenance leads to avoidance of diseases, especially respiratory diseases. Dust gathering in appliances may lead to foul air being breathed at home or at work. To reduce infections and spread of respiratory diseases regular maintenance on these appliances is advised.

Bad Smell

If the refrigeration and the ventilation system are not function well, the usual result is bad smell. To avoid, and quickly clear the smell, regular maintenance and quick repair should be done on these appliances. For best air conditioning in Whiteley, and maintenance services to avoid bad smell Air Control does it well.

Reduces Bills

Improper function of ventilation, air conditioner and refrigeration system usually is associated with increasing bills by more than 25percent. To reduce the bills associated with air conditioning in Whiteley or in nearby places it is best to let an organisation that has a  good experience, install, repair or maintain it. One of the leading organisation in the South that can offer all these services is Air

There is no need for one to feel very hot in summer or to victimise workers by letting them work in harsh hot weather in Whiteley and around. A good air conditioner that is tailored to meet the needs of the customer can be designed and be made by Air Control. A good ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning system installed, maintained and repaid by this organisation may mean good health and low bills.

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